Best Point Savings & Loans Limited is a newly established Non-Bank Financial Institution registered with the Registrar General’s Department on 29th January, 2013 and authorized to commence business on October 8, 2013.

The Company is a Private Limited Liability firm incorporated in Ghana under the Company’s Code (Act 179, 1963) with 500,000,000 authorized shares of no par value. 

The Company was licensed by Bank of Ghana (under PNDCL 328) to accept deposits from the public and provide credit services to businesses and consumers, and to primarily engage in the business of financial intermediation at the level of Savings and Loans.

The Company is authorized:

  • To provide first class financial services to the Working Class, Small to Medium Scale Enterprises (SME), and Women Groups and all households who have over the years found it difficult to gain access to credit and savings facilities through the traditional banking system.
  • To enhance the ability to save and invest over a longer period term horizon through direct linkages with an investment banking firm.
  • To take and accept deposits. The strategy for deposit mobilization will be basically “kitoa biara nsoa”. Meaning nothing is too small; hence any one can open an account with an initial deposit of as low as GHS1.00.
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